Crafting Geography

A simulated space of worldly landscapes.

Enter into the textile jungle: trees float lingeringly, unanchored to the ground. Their knotted branches reach out meeting the ceiling sky. Chessada Inthaphan has been experimenting with production techniques and functions of textile, breaking its traditional boundaries of utility and ceremonial. His works have become objects of poetics, each piece whispering their own story of life and secrets. Their creations are inspired by the artist’s intrinsic relationship with his natural surroundings of Northern Thailand, of another time and place which he often depicts within different cultural and social settings. The century-old technique of crochet lends its modular systems and textural aesthetics in the assembly of each object. The mathematical formation of each loop, knot, and stitch spontaneously joins, organically forming the physicality of the trees.

There is an architectural structure. A timber construction erected to contain our bodies and activities. Each space is overlapped onto another, growing and folding into itself. Its functions familiar but obscure. The walls could be drenched with memories and promises of past ceremonies. Its intimate parameters offer a sense of security and belonging. Windows and doorways bridge this domestic dwelling and public world together. Climb the stairs and learn the corners and holdings….who lives here? What goes on inside? Worapong Manupipatpong explores the functions of architecture and furniture, and our relationships with them. Scale is what he manipulates to discover the connection between us and our surroundings. Elements of architecture, such as stairs and windows pose familiarities of our functional homes and intimate spaces.

The surrounding space is sculpted into a woven network of webs. Ada Chirakranont, a spatial textile artist, employs architectural interior sites as a platform to push peripheries of textile techniques and materials, deriving at results of illusionary shapes and dimensions. The concept of space is always toyed with. This intricate constructed fiber network suggests a visual mapping of microscopic membranes, parasitically attaching themselves onto and consuming the objects within the space. Its site-specific webs are transient and unsymmetrical, layered with time that the artist spent freeform weaving between the walls and ceiling, into space. Graphically, the structures resemble molecular formations or geographical plot of a terrain. Probe around each connected tunnel, funnel, and void. Explore the arrangement of this extensive landscape of weaves and the flexible tension that enables its suspension.

BKK ART HOUSE, Bangkok Art and Culture CentreArtists:Ada ChirakranontChessada InthaphanWorapong ManupipatpongCurator: Bow Nikan Wasinondh

Bkk Arthouse, 13 Nov 2010Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

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