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Birthed thousands of years before popularised during the Victorian height of the British Empire, caning is one of the most ancient furniture making techniques. This 2016 rendition of caned furnitures by Cane Collection was envisioned by Atelier 2+ and materialised by the meticulous hands of Podium Manufacturer. Rarely does a material expresses a strong sense of place while showcasing elegance and comfort, simultaneously.
Caned furniture is one such rare occurrence. The collection aims to insert the still beauty of contemporarily decorated space with a warm lightness that radiate life and vibrancy. The unique airiness of caned surface work as a conduit of light and air, allowing these elements a freedom of movement not found through other types of furniture surface material.

The heaviness of thousands of years in heritage of this material contradict its everlasting visual lightness. Caned surface allows light and air to flow through the furniture while casting fine patterned shade across the furnished space.

Complete FCC sustainable and naturally grown solid wood. The material provides versatility in wood bending needed in curving. Solid structured and vivid when coloured.

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